44 Absolutely Mindblowing and Brillient Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop is certainly the best photo editing application on the market. It allows us to create just about anything our minds can dream up and creating photo manipulations is not as easy as you see here, one should have a lot of creativity and patience to create a simple photo in a visual art. And here comes the photoshop, a great tool for designers which gives an opportunity to turn your nightmares, dreams, your imagination into a visual art. Continue reading

25 Eye Catching Photo Effect Tutorials

Yesterday during watching IRON MAN 3 , it’s top class vfx and animation whether it could be the vfx in iron man’s body suit or it could be the animation of iron man’s helmet. During watching all this which really dicked my mind I was thinking that how the vfx or animation made robert downey into a super hero , especially thanks to iron man’s animators who really work hard in making such a good film with it’s top class animation.  Continue reading