44 Impressive Artists To Inspire You

In our today’s post we present here44 Impressive Artists To Inspire You.Their artworks and info were taken from AA and WEBNEEL.COM.In this post we were sharing some cool artworks or photography stuff with you from these websites.I hope just like me you also get inspired.

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35 Best Diwali Wallpapers You Really Like

Diwali is just 4 days away but the enthusiasm is building up  gradually as people have now started searching for Diwali related sms,Wallpapers and images on the internet.While the Diwali 2013 is still 4 days away now, but the people have stated for looking diwali wallpapers so they can dress up there desktops, post them to their wall posts and share among there friends and wish them. The diwali is the festival of colors and lights. In fact, this is what piqued our mind and inspired us to share some of the best diwali wallpapers that you can make use of. Today in 21st century we especially young Continue reading

40 Stunning 3D Character Design Examples

In today’s film industry 3D animation is a very comman part. You pick any good movie you can find atleast 15 minutes of CG elements in it or you can pick any good video game in which you can find mainly 3D characters in it. And for this 3D animators are needed. Actually CG graphics have become popular because it creates a virtual world which is crafted with fantasy and imagination. Although achieving genuine-looking cg characters is very difficult challenge but some artists manage to achieve extra-ordinary results and thus open new ways for creativity and innovation. Continue reading

Top 20 Posts From Codefear You Really Love

CodeFear was started in December 2008. This blog was started keeping in mind to provide useful information on software, graphic resources, Website development etc. This blog is owned by Ravi Ahuja and was started keeping in mind to provide useful resources on Software, Graphic Designing and Web Development. Since CodeFear is Continue reading

Krrish3 Is Back With Unimpressive Effects

Release Date : 1 November
At Stake : 70 Crore
The trailer and the release date of the much awaited Hrithik Roshan’s sci- fi flick Krrish 3 is finally out. No doubt the visual effects and fantastic graphics in the movie have left each one of us spell bound but don’t you feel that the film has a striking similarity to that of hollywood’s classic blockbuster series X Men as far as the promo goes by, the characterization and costumes, kangana ranaut who plays the character of mutant kaya in the film Continue reading

20+ Free Flat Icons For Designers

The flat style of designing is on a vogue nowadays and website designers are using the elements of flat designing quite often. Today mainly almost websites are working on flat design concepts. Since Google is switched to a flatter appearance across their networks of web apps , other site owners were also following this trend. Continue reading

20 Free UI Kits For Designers – CG Valley

The graphic interface is the first thing for users see on our website and applications. A good design UI is consistent and can make website and application easy to use and understand.

Today we see with the rise of Android there are huge collection of android applications designed for our devices but with this revolution user interface is most important for every designer for the success of that app. Continue reading

44 Absolutely Mindblowing and Brillient Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop is certainly the best photo editing application on the market. It allows us to create just about anything our minds can dream up and creating photo manipulations is not as easy as you see here, one should have a lot of creativity and patience to create a simple photo in a visual art. And here comes the photoshop, a great tool for designers which gives an opportunity to turn your nightmares, dreams, your imagination into a visual art. Continue reading

Beautiful Branding Works By Roshnee Desai & Team

A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies day by day. It’s important to spend time investing in researching, defining, and building your brand. After all your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer. It’s a foundational piece in your marketing communication and one you do not want to be without. Continue reading

50 Must See Title Series from Videohive

From news, television shows or from movie trailors, titles and upto movie credits after effects nailed for all sort of stuff. The video effects, filters, title style, animation by after effects is really interesting and awesome due to which it become really helpful for video enthusiasts or must be helpful for film makers too.  Today not only news headlines, but also all the movies whether hollywood or bollywood all titles and credits were made with the help of after effects. Continue reading