Krrish3 Is Back With Unimpressive Effects

Release Date : 1 November
At Stake : 70 Crore
The trailer and the release date of the much awaited Hrithik Roshan’s sci- fi flick Krrish 3 is finally out. No doubt the visual effects and fantastic graphics in the movie have left each one of us spell bound but don’t you feel that the film has a striking similarity to that of hollywood’s classic blockbuster series X Men as far as the promo goes by, the characterization and costumes, kangana ranaut who plays the character of mutant kaya in the film gives us an instinct of portraying the character of mystique and storm in x-men , especially kanagna’s costumes has been inspired from storm or somewhat similar to hollywood blockbusters like cat-woman. On the other hand the creature with a long tongue in krrish3 suddenly reminds you the character of toad in x-men. Plus film main villain vivek oberoi apparent metal attraction makes you wonder of the indian version of magneto (x-men) .
If we talk about visual effects then they too are un-impressive even the ideas, the concepts, the visuals etc were stolen from hollywood blockbusters like Iron-Man2, Man of Steel, X-Men, Cat-Women, Spider-Man and Prince of Persia. Now below there are two small videos showing similarity of krrish3 from hollywood.

Few point to note which shows undeniable resemblance of Krrish 3 with some well known Hollywood films

1. Kaya : Kangana Ranaut is playing the charactar of mutant Kaya in Krrish3, her costumes resembles as that of costumes worn by Storm in X-Men and Cat Women. Second, point is about her powers, as we see in trailers and krrish-3 title track “Krrish” we see mutant Kaya possessing reactive abilities and slowed aging process.
2. What about the Villain ? 
Vivek Oberoi is playing the character of main villain “Kaal” in Krrish-3. His apparent metal attraction gives us an instinct of Indian Version of Magneto. His outfit reminds us about hollywood fame Robo-Cop. And as said by Krrish-3 film-makers ” Kaal sends various types of mutants having various special abilities to kill krrish” , it reminds us about Magneto’s character in X-Men.
3. Landing Style of Kaya : The landing style of Kaya reminds us about the character of Cat-Women.
4. Collapse of Building : The building collapse sequence of Krrish-3 gives us an instinct of Hollywood blockbusters like Man of Steel and Transformers 3.
5. Medicine Spreading Sequence : The last medicine spread sequence of Krrish-3 reminds about The Amazing Spider Man.
6. Toad : The creature with a long tongue in krrish 3 remembers about the mutant toad in X-Men.
7. Electromagnetic Ray Capturing Scene : The trailer begins with the old Rohit Mehra declaring that he has unlocked the secret of how “jadoo” ( The alien from the first film ) got it’s energy from Sun. And he was going to change the world. This entire ray capturing scene reminds you about Iron Man 2-3 where Tony Stark discovers new element for his suit.
And the last closing scene of the trailer where Krrish is standing in a level iron piece reminds you of the last ending scene of Prince of Persia.
Effects look fine, but the stunts are obvious mimics of Superman/Amazing Spider-man. It is an urge that Bollywood really needs to stop indulging. But honestly i don’t mind.The first two films were also resonably poor effects. And time has not helped the movie.The film, which began shooting way back in 2011, was repeatedly delayed due to injuries and accidents – allowing films like Avengers to set the bar higher with every passing year.But both the previous films were entertaining. They were fun, light and certainly kept one engrossed for their run time – even if you left the theater with quite a few doubts still in mind.Hrithik is a good actor all in all and Rakesh Roshan makes fairly decent mix masala films with plenty of heart. So I am optimistic that the script and entertainment value will pull the movie up, even if the effects cannot and no doubt kids will enjoy this movie as well. 
Favorite shots in the Movie
The best shot of the trailer is easily the part where Krrish grabs on to the super fast crazy devil woman (whoever she is supposed to be) in one move. It is practically the only ‘wow’ moment.There a epic sweeping shots of landscapes and the best is indeed kept for last – A sweeping view of Mumbai with the new Sea-Worli link bridge towering in the background.It’s a good shot and lets Hrithik soak in some epic-ness.
But i think some where in between this movie is lacking its originality. Most of the shots were copied from Hollywood or we can say Krrish3 is an indian version of X-Men. As said by Krrish-3 film makers every vfx shot of Krrish-3 is itself visualised or shooted by Indian Animation Industries like Pixion ans Red-Chillies and still their is no question about these industries, they proved themselves in movies like Ra-One. But still in Krrish-3 it lacks originality of the film. And the question here is why still having such good animation industries in india we can’t compete with hollywood visual effects and animation. 
Just like them we also have well qualified animators, we also have good film makers plus we have the biggest film industry in the world i.e Bollywood where every week 2-3 movies were released and even they were hooking up good business both in overseas and domestic market. And just like Hollywood blockbusters Avengers, Iron Man and Man of Steel we also are enough capable of making good sci-fi movies. 
Hmmmm the question lies with you. But yeah don’t go on with this post, the movie is spectacular Feel free to comment we’ll be waiting for your response and do read our other posts. Thank You!!

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