50 Must See Title Series from Videohive

From news, television shows or from movie trailors, titles and upto movie credits after effects nailed for all sort of stuff. The video effects, filters, title style, animation by after effects is really interesting and awesome due to which it become really helpful for video enthusiasts or must be helpful for film makers too.  Today not only news headlines, but also all the movies whether hollywood or bollywood all titles and credits were made with the help of after effects.

Remember the title of Tron, Transformers or the credits of Step Up all sort of these awesome stuff were made easily with the help of after effects. Not only movies you can also make us of after effects in your office presentations too.

So here in this post of “50 Must See Title Series from Videohive” i’ve compiled for you some premium ae logo series which not only help in making your video or documentry beginning better but must be even helpful for those who don’t really know how to make titles and credits for these stuff. This post is all for those graphic designers or creative minded people who wan’t there drawings or artworks to be in the shape of video or documentry for there portfolio.  Hope you like it. 

Dust In The Wind

Deep Logo Reveal

3D Logo Spherize

Colorful Particles Logo Reveal II

Multi Video & Multi Text Logo Formation

Comic Epic Promo

Photo Slideshow

Logo Build

Flying Leaves Logo Reveal

Space Logo Explosion

Elegant Logo

Fire Logo Reveal

Smoky logo reveal

Splash logo

3D Particular Storm Reveal

Logo Transforming


Cube Logo Transition V1

logo light

Ancient Battlefield

Fast Grunge Titles

Text Arrow 3D

Incubus Logo – CS3

StreakLights Reveal

Lightning lights

Reverse Shatter Logo

Particles Reveal

Suspended Water Logo Emerge

Ultimate Rusty Opener

Gears and lights logo reveal

Energy Burst Logo

Elegant Angle Logo Reveal


Wall Explode

Elegant Demolition

Flow Ink LOGO

stencil logo or text reveal

Chrome Reveal

Crazy Logo Reveal

FractaL Reveal

Five Colour Logo Rings

Heavenly Logo Intro

3D Falling Logo

Night & Day


Explosive Logo Revealer

Cartoon Fire Logo Reveal

Cinematic 3D Gear Reveal

Grunge Title

Organic Logo Reveal

That’s all for this roundup of 50 Must See Title Series from Videohive. Stay tuned for more top 5 or top 10 lists here on CG Valley. Let me know what your favorite templates are for After Effects in the comments below.

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