Top 20 Posts From Codefear You Really Love

CodeFear was started in December 2008. This blog was started keeping in mind to provide useful information on software, graphic resources, Website development etc. This blog is owned by Ravi Ahuja and was started keeping in mind to provide useful resources on Software, Graphic Designing and Web Development. Since CodeFear is launched it is continuously increasing visitors and subscribers. This blog especially focusses on graphic designing and web development and will also help you in providing various useful resources for designers and developers.

This blog contains a massive collection of some outstanding posts and articles especially for designers. Plus it is one of mine favorite blogs too. So here in this post we were showcasing Top 20 Posts From Codefear You Really Love. This post is a small tribute to Codefear from CG Valley and is especially dedicated keeping in mind for designers. Hope you like it.

1. 35 Inspirational Vector People Graphic

This module is a showcase of some beautiful, seductive Inspirational Vector People Graphic Designs which will inspire you to create your own amazing and stunning vector people artwork.


2. 21 Creative Photoshop Photo Manipulations Tutorial

This post consists a list of 21 Creative Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials, which will inspire motivate and teach you to create awesome photo manipulations using photoshop.


3. 25 Useful Adobe After Effects Tutorials

This post is a collection of 25 Adobe After Effects tutorials from with their original sources from which you can easily learn how to use this software as well as how to give animated or digital effects to your video or image.


4. 20 Cinema 4D Text Effect Tutorials

This post is a collection of 20 Beautiful Cinema 4D Text Effect Tutorials which will certainly boost up your graphical imagination and provide you useful skill and techniques which you can learn to create your own graphical designs employing Cinema 4D text effects.


5. 25 Stunning Photoshop 3D Text Effect Tutorials

This post will teach you to create stunning 3D text effects using Photoshop with simple step by step method.


6. 35 Striking Print Advertisements

Printings for the banners, boards, or even online advertising, printing good ads always serve for the increment of the sale. But to attract customers your advertisement should be very creative so that people should remember that product or service.

This post is a collection of 35 Striking Print Advertisements which will help you further to enhance your creativity and thinking.


7. 25 Valuable 3DS Max Tutorials

This post is a showcase of 25 Valuable 3DS Max Tutorials which can be used by designers at any level. You may be at a beginner level or at an advanced level. This post is a huge collection of various modelling,3D, rendering,lightning and animation tutorials which will surely help you.


8. 25 Free Photoshop Actions to Save your Time

Photoshop actions are basically in built, preloaded sequence of commands which when applied to an image, it automatically produces the effect. Photoshop actions are extremely useful when you find yourself performing the same steps over and over on an image. Along with the time it also saves your effort and give a fine new look to your image.

This post listed here is a is a collection of various photoshop ations useful especially for designers.


9. 35 Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials

Photo manipulation is technique to mix two images or edit an image to create a unique image. With Photoshop you can create such amazing effect with less affords. This post is focussing some of the best photoshop tutorials useful for both beginners and advance level designers.


10. Amazing Adobe After Effects Visual Effects Tutorials

This post consists a list of 25 Beautiful After Effects Visual Effects Tutorials, whcich will teach effective, resourceful and informative visual effects tutorials.


11. 51 Beautiful Business Card Designs

51 Beautiful Business Card Designs that will inspire you and enhance your creativity.These Beautiful Business Card Designs will certainly help you in selecting unique, creatively rich and beautiful business card designs and will will surely enlighten your creative imagination.


12. 35 New Inspiring Logo Designs

Creating logo may seem simple, but it is not that easy. Designers have to understand the company’s value, their work and what message they want to convey. Putting all these together helps to build a unique logo design.

So here presenting you this post of 35 New Inspiring Logo Designs which can be, helpful for inspirational or your logo design projects. We have especially taken care to include fresh, beautiful, unique, amazing, and colorful logo designs in our ongoing presentation so that you can get ample ideas for creating stunning and beautiful logo designs.


13. 25+ Inspirational Photography Examples

Photographers try to capture beautiful and stunning photos, which are not only loved, but that image tells lot about itself. Photos can inspire us in a lot of ways.If you are photographer, and always search for capturing beautiful movements,then this post will surely help you to inspire and motivate you for your photography.


14. 25 Step By Step Photoshop Illustration Tutorials

Photoshop holds a large range of drawing capabilities, and it’s an extraordinary option for those not familiar with Illustrator. In these on hand tutorials, you will learn handy tips, tools and techniques of painting, brushing, illustrating and many more.25 Creative Photoshop Illustration Tutorials will surely brush up your skills and will surely help you in learning innovative and new artistic skills of designing whether you are a beginner, a mid-way or an advanced user, this collection of 25 Creative Photoshop Illustration Tutorials are for you!


15. 40 Beautiful Mobile Apps User Interface Designs

This post is a list of some great mobile app user interface for your inspiration. So that you can inspire yourself and can have an application interface of your choice or can get designed the interface of your choice.


16. 20 Free Photoshop Brush Pack

Photoshop brushes that have been showcased hereunder are available for free and can be easily downloaded to append your designing arsenal in Photoshop. In this present collection you will get to see varied styles of brushes which will help you to give range of beautiful effects to your designs. These Photoshop brushes include ornamental, paint strokes, light effects, splatter, abstract type brushes and much more.


17. Importance of Beautiful Brochure Design

A beautiful brochure design holds a key place in your marketing strategy.It is a strong medium to reach your target audience and entice them in order to buy your products or services.So it becomes primarily important to understand the significance and benefits of brochure design as a marketing tool.
This article will explain you the benefits of beautiful brochure design and why it is still considered as a strong marketing tool and will also elaborate the elements of good brochure design so that you are able to come out with great, fantastic and beautiful brochure design.


18. Benefit of Infographics and How to Create Infographics

Infographics or Information graphics is a visual representation of data using a combination of visual elements such as graphs, charts, pictures, images, designs together with best of textual information.Statistics reveal that most of the people are visual learners and so appreciate Infographics more than any other type of content.So if you are a webmaster, blogger or have taken upto content marketing in an aggressive way then you should incorporate infographics in your scheme of things.

This article listed here is a vivid explanation about infographics, its benefits and how to create infographics so that you get to know all the aspects that are related to infographics and are able to use them as an effective means of communication with your visitors, prospects, or customers.


19. 25 New Free Fonts for Download

Typography is an art of representing characters in the most aesthetic and attractive way. The way you represent your work majorly depends upon the font or handwriting you used in your project.This post listed here contains 25 best FREE Fonts which you can download easily and can use in your work project.


20. 12 Free Easter Icons Set

The Free Easter Icons showcased here under present to you a unique and colorful collection of different types of Easter Icons.


We hope that you would have liked our presentation of  Top 20 Posts From Codefear You Really Love and this post will surely do help and motivate you for improving your creativity. We look forward to comments and suggestions and will also recommend our users for visiting Codefear regularly for another such mindblowing posts and articles.


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