What Really The Animation Industry Is??

Still confused about Animation field? Want to know about animation and creative industry? Career Options and Scope in this field? Don’t worry because CG VALLEY is here for all your queries and discussions about animation and creative industry. As everyone knows after Intermediate Results and after passing 12th class , every student is going for his career, spending time in surfing internet for his career, graduation, job, scope and bla bla bla………….. 

Today after the huge success of IT Industry, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) every student especially youngsters and teenagers everybody is going to take taste in this career. Don’t worry today we were not talking about IIT. The point is that why this? Why not you join other streams for your career. There were all other fields too except IIT. Yesterday my friend contacted me to take guidance for his career and yeah guys he really shocked me. He told me that he really want to join animation industry but is still confused about it. Don’t know what is the scope in this field ? Even his drawing and sketching is good but don’t know that how is drawing and sketching can be a part of his career because we only know IIT, B-tech, Engineering (for graduation) etc…. Sorry we were not blaming IIT because we all know that if you don’t have caliber then whether you waste your full year nothing could gonna happen, remember the movie “3 Idiots” (Amir Khan) and “Faltu”. So this post is especially dedicated to my friends and for all those youngsters, sketch artists who were still confused about this field.

Now get back to the topic “What really the Animation Industry Is?? “ . Everybody is confused about animation and about this creative field but you don’t know that your daily life, everything is a part of this field. To understand this let us take an example. Today when you wake up in morning, after brushing your teeth’s, bathing, during breakfast and all stuff what you will do?? Now guess……
Hmm don’t know….??? Hey guys it’s simple, the answer is “Newspaper”. Yes its newspaper, before your full day, job etc. you first read newspaper which is the part of print media and yup print media is the part of animation and creative industry. So your life starts with animation. Hey guys, readers everything is a part of animation like you watch television, movies everything including yours home and office architect design, automobile design, the advertisements, books, novels which you read, drawing which every child doo, toys which you play, websites which you surf, Facebook (it’s design) everything is a part of this field.
I think after such long speech you understand my concept. Now below there is a small post about Animation, its uses, scope and career.

What is animation?

Making imaginary character or a product and putting life in it. This word “Animation” is basically made from Greek or Latin words ani (means object or thing) and motion (means movement), in short making objects and things into motion. Like you’ve seen Spiderman, Superman etc in movies and comics they were not real but after watching films we take it as real. So how come they got such powers and all that it’s basically animation (visual effects) . 2D and 3D animation like kung fu panda, Cars, Ben10 tv series all are part of this field.

Use Of Animation

These days animation is used in almost all the industries from automobile , pharmaceutical, medicine, aerospace, civil and architectural, IT companies like Tata, Reliance, Satyam, UTV, Pentasoft, Rhythm & Hues have jumped into the fray. International animation houses like Walt Disney Studios, Paprika Animation Studio, Technicolor labs, SONY are looking at tie-ups with Indian animation companies too.
Like Automobile Industries like TATA, Volkswagen etc uses animation for their automobile designing (like tyre suspension, engine…), Architects uses animation for their visualizations and for interior and exterior designing, UTV, Reliance, Samsung etc. uses animation for their advertising, film making, mobile app and interface designing etc.

Suddenly Animation Industry is Booming. Why?

  •  Due to outsourcing lot of work is coming to India so that the requirements of animators and    technicians have increased.
  •  Indian Animation Industry is going to generate Rs. 980 Crore revenue by the end of 2012.
  •  Walt-Disney, I-max, Warner Brothers, Sony setting up their production houses in India. 
  •  Due to increase in Website Designing, Interface Designing, Mobile App Designing and   Product  Designing. 
  •  Due to increase in competition among students so that e-learning and virtual classes were setup which  is a part in this field.
  •  Due to increase in film making of Bollywood, animation industry made it easy for them for their tasks. 
  •  Growth Rate – 29% per annum.


Scope in Animation

Animation rumble up the world and it is becoming essence of the time. The boom in the arena of animation has affected all the segments in the genre. Presently it has explored the world of entertainment world, game-designing, advertising world, film industry, print media, website, film making and virtual reality.
Today we were especially talking about Indian Animation Industry, Scope of Animation in India. So for this you can join Indian Animation Institutes like Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics ( known as MAAC ), Arena Animation , Frameboxx, ZICA etc…. for degree courses and for short term courses too. And if you are thinking about graduation you can do Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) like BFA in Painting, BFA in Sketching or BFA in Graphic Designing. Instead of this you can also opt for short term courses and you can also prepare for NID (National Institute of Design) exam too. Now below there is a chart which tells you about career options and placements in this field in order to get your career at new heights.

Career Options in Animation Field

Film Making
Education (Teaching, E-learning & Smart Classes)
Cartoons (2D & 3D)
Engineering Design (Automobile, Mechanical & Product Designing)
Broadcasting Media
Architectural Design (Interior Designing & Exterior Designing)
Virtual Training
Print Media
Web Development
Sound Industry

Placements In This Field

Walt Disney Studios
Dreamworks Studios
Rhythm & Hues
SONY Digital Labs
Redchillies VFX
Crest Animation Studios
Tata ELXSI Limited
Prime Focus
Z News
and many more…
Instead of all such placements you can also work online and can do freelancing.

Content Courtesy – Self & Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics
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