36 Visual Effects Breakdowns to Amaze You

Visual effects (commonly shortened to Visual F/X or VFX) are the various processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shoot. Visual effects involve the integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would be dangerous, costly, or simply impossible to capture on film.

Visual effects are often integral to a movie’s story and appeal. Although most visual effects work is completed during post-production, it usually must be carefully planned and choreographed inpre-production and production.

Visual effects are designed and edited in Post-Production, with the use of graphic design, modeling, animation and similar software, while special effects are made on set, such as explosions, car chases and so on. A visual effects supervisor is usually involved with the production from an early stage to work closely with production and the film’s director to achieve the desired effects.

Today whether Bollywood or Hollywood or it be any television show vfx is considered to be at first priority in making that show more unique and authentic. Whether it be any Action Sequence or any Drama Sequence, in almost every sequence or story vfx is used. Remember Robert Downey ( People called him as Iron Man ) in Avengers and Iron Man , his unique body suit, helmet , Peter Parker in Spiderman, Optimes Prime in Transformers, Shahrukh Khan in Ra One, Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight , in every such flawless movie it is possible only due to vfx. 

Although not only Hollywood, Bollywood also uses vfx in its movies, but here in India before releasing any such type of movie, people relate that movie with its social issues but then also in India such movies were released just like the release of Ra One in 2011 by redchillies vfx. We also have one oscar too in such movie, peple called him as The life of pie ( oscar winner Ang Lee ) or guys you can’t belive to here that the shooting of life of pie’s is done in only just at one place for its visual effects by Rhythm & Hues

Today VFX is given at first priority by the film makers because it is much useful for them. Like it is helpful for those film makers who want to shoot there some part of film in any other country or state but due to some reasons or movie budget they can’t do so , but with the help of VFX today it has made possible. Remember Edhiran – the robot ( Rajni Kant ) whole movie has been created with the help of VFX and using Chroma (people called it as green room) in Visual Effects of any such Movie. The whole credit of this awesome movie goes to Sr. Srinivas Mohan  ( VFX Supervisor ). Visual Effects is also effective in making dangerous action scenes like in accidents of actors in any movie. This is only because of VFX, by which such mind boggling action scenes were made through and it also helped actors too for any sort of miss happening in shooting such dangerous action scenes.But that is not our topic here. 

Today here in this post we provide you some great 36 Visual Effects Breakdowns to amaze you. Hope you guys like it.



















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