21 Awesome Carricatures By Santosh Redeker

Carricature is a simple image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way. Carricatures are also the part of 3d animation. They can be insulting or complimentary and can be serve as political purpose or can be drawn for entertainment. Carricatures can be sometimes reffered to as cartoons but basically a carricature is a satirical illustration of a person or a thing but cartoons are satirical illustration of an idea.

Today I’ve searched various artists on web , I’ve read their blogs in which Santosh Redeker – young artist, hero of animation reporter magazine touched my heart , so yeah I’m sharing some stills. Hope you like.
Artist’s Bio

Santosh Redeker is a 19 year old, free-lance artist from Maharashtra. His passion for art, drawing and painting began since his childhood. He is extremely fond of hyperrealistic paintings, carricatures and portraits across the digital and traditional mediums such as watercolours and pencils. He is also intrested in other kinds of art forms like cinema and photography in order to get new ideas. He is also a student in 3d animation.




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