50 Most Beautiful 3D CG Girls

3D Girl, the newest in CG Valley. Hope you like it. Today I have assembled an amazing collection of beautiful CG girls in 3d, most of these great works are created in 3d Studio Max and Maya.

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Open Green by Andrius Balciunas

Robot - Disintegrate by Dominique Fraser

Pink Sugar by Olivier Ponsonnet

In the golden forest Soa Lee

Shaiya Etaine the Dark Goddess

Jung Won Park

 Flower Messenger, Jack Zhang (3D)

red girl

 Think Pink, Werner Ziemerink (3D)

Angel's time by Soa Lee

GoldLion by Olivier Ponsonnet

Sarah Morrison about to shower

Dr. Feelgood by =scott2753

Biker by Andrea Bertaccini

Ina Olivier Ponsonnet

Moon Key Olivier Ponsonnet

Stifled Smile, Alexander Lashko (3D)

Elene by Soa Lee

Grace of the snow, Soa Lee (3D)

Pretty Mandy for Sabby by -igolochka

 A Girl, Jiro Sugiyama (3D)

Twisted Dolls : Mistress Lili, Rebeca Puebla (3D)

Redyan by Soa Lee

A Fascinating Bloom by Soa Lee

Space Drink by Michal Suchanek

Jennifer, Rami Shtainer (3D)

 Portrait of a European Girl, Roja Huchez (3D)

Red Rider_second generation by Hyun-hee Lee

Robot - Controller by Dominique Fraser

Night Rider, Hyun Hee Lee (3D)

Jewel by Adam Potter

 Europa, Soa Lee (3D)

Poster - ATLANTICA by Dong Hawn, Go

Twisted Dolls: The Butcher's Bride

Dark_Phoenix by Rebeca PueblaPuebla

 Fluid Inspiration, Akira Hanzo (3D)

ColdBlue, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)

 Robot - Octopus (a real fashion model with 3D FX), Dominique Fraser (3D)

Sanyeng by Rebeca Puebla

Angioletta Giolli by Antonio Bonora

wip charlize by Mihai Anghelescu

Beauty Monica, Mihai Anghelescu (3D)

Cosmic Girl by Jiro Sugiyama

Dream..., Alexey Kashpersky (3D)

Elven Legacy Game Cover by Piotr Fox Wysocki

Dancer, Young Jong Cho (3D)

Red Rider by Hyun-hee Lee

Song Hye Kyo by Max Wahyudi

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